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Interview with Prop’D Up


When buying or selling property we are always at the mercy of the many professionals that we have to rely upon and whose timeframes will inevitably differ from our own.

Any property process will involve having to engage agents, lawyers, valuers, bankers and others and is, thus making the process very stressful for the purchaser and vendor. Prop’D UP has solved this issue.. read me to find out how.. Aucklife talked to Michelle Markham about her new startup Prop’D UP.


AL: Can you tell us about your professional background?

Michelle ’s professional background is in property, primarily as a valuer for over 20 years but has assumed an advisory role on many development projects through the past decade.


AL: What got you interested in creating a business such as Prop’DUp?

Over the years, as a valuer, the re-occurring glitch in my clients property process was the lack of cohesive, timely professional reporting which inevitably led to missed opportunities, often a great deal of stress and a lot of money spent with no result.

Clients were having to wait for weeks, sometimes months for valuers, then trying to co-ordinate with lawyers, local councils, banks, the process of nightmares.

My vision is to create a succinct progressive, organised process with all of clients property professionals in one space.


AL: Why did you choose the partners that you work with?

Our partners have one common goal and that is to help people. Individually, they are exceptional at what they do. They are honest, they work hard and have a genuine interest in making process easier for everyone. Our collective interest is for the common good and I can’t praise them highly enough. I have absolutely no hesitation in promoting each one and I know that they will make a difference in people’s lives.

AL: What is special about Prop’D Up in comparison to other networking groups?

Prop’D Up has assembled professionals from within one sector, that is the property sector. We have done this to bring a different, better process to the market place, for the benefit of the client.

In our experience, other networking groups tend to be member orientated rather than client orientated. That is what makes us very special.

AL: What is your target client?

Our target clientele are:

  1. First home buyers
  2. Investors
  3. Down-sizers
  4. People needing to re-finance
  5. People involved in the disolution of matrimonial property
  6. People involved in managing deceased estates.

AL: Are there any specials that you have on offer?

Presently, we have Trust packages offering Trusts @ $1750, Gifting @ $350 and Wills @ $645 all excl. GST. 

Auckland Property Management are offering Management/Accounting packages.

AL: Can you tell Aucklife about some of your favourite cafes or restaurants in your local area?

Gerome, Parnell Rd. Fantastic Greek food, fantastic wine list, It has wonderful service. The best restaurant to go to in Parnell with a street view from an elevated balcony, lots of interesting people to watch.

NottingHill, Parnell Rd. Joe has a beautiful licensed cafe with cabinet food, a brilliant chef who will whip something up, it’s the cleanest most sterilised cafe I’ve been in which is most important these days.

You can sit in an air-conditioned Atrium, street or in the main dining area. It’s spacious and the best cafe in Parnell.Big jars of sweets and loads of magazines.

Michelle has generously given  2 x $50 vouchers for Aucklife to give away from Notting Hill!. Go to our facebook page

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