How many people live in Auckland?

Around 1.65 million people living within Auckland. The average population growth rate is 1.9% per year with a spike of 2.8% in 2018.

How many volcanos are there in Auckland?

There are approximately 53 volcanos in Auckland. The exact number is hard to define as additional volcanos could be hidden under the surface. 2019 a new one has been located in South Auckland.

How many beaches are there in Auckland?

There are over 80 beaches in Auckland City and region. Most of them are save to go for a swim in. Auckland Council operates a Safeswim website to warm citizens of danger.

How much does a beer cost in Auckland?

A pint of beer costs on average $9.00 in Auckland. Auckland ranks within the top 30 cities with the most expensive beer.

Does it snow in Auckland?

No, it doesn’t really snow in Auckland. Snow falls in Auckland only on very rare occasions like in 2011, 1976 and in 1930. The climate is too warm and maritime for snow to fall and last.

How many Airports are there in Auckland?

Auckland has one main airport which is split into a national and international terminal.

What is the average house price in Auckland?

The average sale price of a 3 bedroom house in Auckland is around $900,000 (early 2019).

What is the average rent in Auckland?

The average rent in Auckland is around $550 per week for a 3 bedroom house (early 2019).

How many cars are there in Auckland?

There are around 1 million vehicles registered in Auckland and just over 60 million vehicles cross the Auckland harbour bridge very year, which is around 150,000 per day.

What is the population of Auckland?

Auckland has an approximate population of around 1.65 million people. Aucklands average annual population growth rate is 1.9% with occasional spikes, like 2.8% in 2018.