We love Auckland and this website is all about what’s great about this city and region!

Being New Zealand’s biggest city, “the big smoke” doesn’t get a lot of love lately. We won’t deny the current problems the city faces. The housing shortage (call it crisis if you want) and constant congestions due to steadily increasing traffic are issues that have to be addressed – and will be addressed – but Auckland is so much more than just a city with housing and traffic problems.

Look at other popular metropolises around the world, Paris, London, New York, to name a few, have all issues of their own and many very much alike. Leaving those aside, Auckland offers just as much quality of life and is a fantastic place to live in.

There is enough negative press and news about Auckland, we want to focus exclusively on the positive side of Auckland. Aucklife is on a mission to show Auckland the love and respective it deserves. We want to share with you inspiring stories and stuff that makes this city so great.

A picture is worth a thousand words, as they famously say and we fully agree. We capture street photography and landscape photography shots from Auckland and surroundings and try to share at least one every day. We spend most weekends walking through and exploring the city. We want to share with you those little known places and secret spots we discover on my strolls through the streets.

Let’s embrace our City of Sails and our unique lifestyle.

Tamaki Drive Waterfront

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