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Muriwai Rock Fishing

Muriwai Rock Fishing - New Zealand Auckland

I was impressed by the courage (or insanity) of the rock fishers at Muriwai. It was a very windy day and the waves were crushing again the rocks, pushing massive amounts of water across the flat slippery surface. Some of the fishermen slipped occasionally when they tried to escape from a particular big wave. The chance of being dragged away by a huge water surge seemed quite high. Nevertheless, the happy anglers were fighting the odds continuing to try their luck and get rewarded with a big catch.

Muriwai beach is a great location and has a lot to offer, not only on sunny days. I have been there a couple of times now and so far I haven’t been disappointed. There is always something new to see, the fishermen fighting the odds of the ocean, the bustling activity of the gannet colony or the endless stream of tourists observing the landscape. Muriwai is never boring.

Muriwai Rock Fishing - Auckland New Zealand

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