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    Weta Workshop- Unleashed

    Luck struck this week! Aucklife was lucky enough to be invited to go through the Weta Workshop- Unleashed ahead of its opening next week in Auckland. To be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was happily surprised to step into a world; part film set and part workshop. Our…

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    I was lucky enough to drop into the Warkworth library again this week and to chat with both their history librarian and their manager. These people are knowledgeable and exceptionally helpful and always looking for opportunities to extend the ways they support our local community. The library space is a…

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    Naturally Epsom

    Full of nature and nurturing, locals in the quietly beautiful Epsom will be all too familiar with weekend walks, the jogger’s club, our hill, and the unique essence of Cornwall Park and it’s animals, mammals, and flora and fauna. I always feel reacquainted with life’s beauty when I travel there,…

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    Auckland vs Sydney: Enjoying home.

    Sydney is famous for its harbour, its Opera House, its beaches and its shopping. A year ago “Sydney” was an easy weekend getaway. So until we have the trans-tasman bubble sorted out and we are free to venture around our “Island bubble”, let’s see how they match up. It’s free…

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    Graham Young – Artist – Graham quips that his wife “saved him” from becoming either a troubled rockstar or an average football player. Originally born in Liverpool he immigrated to Auckland in the 80’s with his family. During his school days, his parents encouraged him to get a trade, so…

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    Coffee News HQ: Pukekohe

    On Monday, Aucklife ventured to Coffee News HQ in Pukekohe to talk to Helen Fisher (The boss lady) about the return of Coffee News on June 8th after taking a short hiatus due to Covid-19. Currently you can get your local edition Coffee News online here. How did you get…