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Jillian Brodie – Travel Broker

AL: What made you start this business?
The Covid-19 pandemic pummelled the industry I worked in – and I lost my full-time permanent job as a Travel Consultant in May 2020. Working and temping in other sectors, I decided I missed working in Travel and started my small business to become a Travel Broker. It was a difficult time as the world was still in a limited travel bubble.

AL: What do you do exactly?
I am a Travel Broker for Travel Managers and a self-employed Travel professional who books, in the same way, a Travel Consultant can. I am not based in an office but am mobile and can meet in cafes or other places or communicate by email.

I book cruises, airfares, tours, car hire and all sorts of travel arrangements for the client. I also enhance my knowledge and updates about products at Travel functions, and occasionally have the opportunity to go on travel famils to visit different destinations worldwide.

AL: Who are your clients, and what are they looking for?
I have a diverse range of clients, from families to premium travellers to small business owners and those travelling for charity purposes. My clients are looking for a Travel professional they can trust, with experience, and who is easy to contact, offering them the best options for their needs and also needing guidance/expertise in the new pandemic-affected travel era.

AL: What makes you unique?
I have a vast range of experience, having travelled to 46 countries, including a diverse range of places too, including Cuba and Russia to river cruising in Europe, to Visiting Darwin and Katherine. I have over 27 years of professional travel experience. I am constantly updating my travel knowledge with learning/specialist programmes, including the Cruise association CLIA programme, Fiji Matai programme, Brand USA training and more.

AL: Can you tell us about yourself? Family and what do you like to do on your days off?
I have family in Auckland I see regularly, plus I love going to music concerts and live events and making the most of what’s on in Auckland, plus walking.

AL: Do you have any specials at the moment? There are some specials on some Tour Companies – up to 25% off, which is a fantastic deal, plus many on different cruise companies.

Contact Jillian at 027 545 5495

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