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Stone Cottage Museum – “Pop Into Panmure”

A chance phone call and a wrong number brought me to the Panmure Stone Cottage Museum. Having spent a few evenings at the Corner bar and Eatery in Panmure, looking out at the Cottage, I was thrilled to get an invitation to a private tour. Patrick O’Meara (President) was kind enough to show me around and give me the ins and outs of the area.





The Panmure Stone Cottage, an early colonial cottage on the Kings Road/Queens Road roundabout, is kept as a museum. Stone Cottage opens every 2nd Sunday of the month and for private groups on request.

Built-in 1854-1857, The current position of the Cottage on 1 Kings road is not its original, and it was relocated from Mt Wellington ( near Mcdonalds) to its present site In 1971 and opened in September 1972. The local Stone Cottage Museum is considered by many as a jewel of Panmure, following recent works in February 2022. The heritage building is now a must-visit.






The Cottage has had many owners and tenants; it holds items of its era and is like a living time capsule into our past. The Panmure Historical Society looks after the Stone Cottage and its historical contents. It is committed to preserving and maintaining the unique history of the Panmure area, one of the oldest settlements of Auckland, and the surrounding suburbs.







Phone Number 021 163 3551


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