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What to do on rainy days in Auckland?

Auckland Rainy Day Skytower Puddle Reflection

There is debate as to whether Crowded House’s “Four Season’s is One Day” was written with Auckland or Melbourne in mind but we are pretty sure it was Auckland.

No matter the time of year or day, rain in Auckland is as sure as time itself. Sometimes a passing shower, sometimes the entire week – we have compiled a list to help you keep yourself and friends and family busy and entertained in Auckland on such days.

Auckland Rainy Day Rainbow Skyline

Stuff to do in Auckland on a rainy day

What to do in Auckland on rainy day? Briefly the usual ideas; movies, shopping malls, museum, Auckland City Gallery and just hunker down at home. These are classic ideas but we wanted to look a little further. Here is our top 10 list of things to do on a rainy day in Auckland.

  1. A Golf Driving Range is a great place to let off some steam and get some exercise. There are a number of ranges around Auckland but you can’t go past JK’s Driving Range. Located near the airport with easy accessibility, JK’s Driving Range has 30 covered bays, they’re open 24/7 and at $14 it’s a pinch for a bucket of 100 balls.
  2. Ponsonby Central. We mentioned shopping Malls as a usual idea however Ponsonby Central isn’t really a mall. With 17 eateries and markets, stock up on supplies for the week and once you’re done, sit under the covered seating with a coffee or glass of wine and watch the rain and day go by.
  3. Orakei Bay Village. Opened in 2016, Orakei Bay Village has something for everyone; Farro, Brothers brewery, wine store, retail shopping, Kings Plant Barn to name a few. If you’ like something for you and your four legged best friend – get a pedicure while your puppy or kitty attends the groomers at Dazzling Paws. Accessible by car (90 mins free parking – remember to enter your plate in the parking machines!), train and bike, Orakei Bay Village is easy to access. If the rain decides to hold off for a while, the Village is also right next to Orakei Basin, an easy 1hr walk (there are some steps so leave the pram at home).
  4. Swimming Pool. You’re going to get wet on rainy days, you may as well do it on your terms. Auckland has over 24 pools and leisure centres. One of our favourites is The Olympic in Newmarket where you can swim some laps in their 50m pool before relaxing in the spa, steam room and sauna. At $8.20 per adult it is a steal and you can head to the Aqua Cafe which is attached to the pool for something to eat before heading home and feeling virtuous. Tip: bring a padlock for the lockers in the change rooms.

  5. Junk n Disorderly. Based in Mount Eden (new location), quirky Junk n Disorderly is a warehouse full of new and vintage products for your home and garden. Grab a coffee from Estrella’s Brilliant Coffee (1 Kawana St) before perusing the overflowing Junk n Disordelry warehouse. You may find some new wine glasses, planter box or a game you played as a kid (Operation anyone?) Rainy Day in Auckland Junk N Disorderly
  6. Any RSA. There are 180 RSA’s nation wide. We love Pt Chevalier RSA with a lunch menu for $12 per meal (all served with chips and salad) with snooker, Karaoke and Sky TV. Drinks are standard RSA prices (think 2001) and everyone is welcome. Free parking nearby and the best part is supporting this community space.
  7. Escape Rooms. These are a fairly new phenomenon in Auckland and have been very popular worldwide. Priced around $30-$35 each for 1hr 45 mins of fun. You need to work as a team to escape the locked room.Take your time depending on how heavy the rain currently is! Escape Rooms are another perfect activities on rainy days in Auckland. See all escape rooms in Auckland.

  8. Bars with fireplaces. Why not head to your nearest bar with a fireplace and warm up with a glass of wine. Stafford Road Wine Bar (141 Queen Street, Northcote) is a tiny bar based on the North Shore with delicious shared, wine and of course a warm fire place. Make the most of their limited time offer of 2 glasses of wine or craft beer, a charcuterie board and 2 tickets and ice creams at Bridgeway Theatre for $65 – what a steal!
  9. Arts and Crafts – Head in to your local arts and crafts store and get some supplies. Look Sharp has 9 stores Auckland wide with a huge selection of art and craft supplies. Lock yourself inside for the afternoon and use origami paper for intricate creations or various cards, glitter, glue and paint to make a cute card to send to your Nana!
  10. Embrace the rain. Put on your boots, old sneakers and rain jacket. Get out the umbrella and head outside and play in the rain. Splash in puddles, smell the fresh air and enjoy yourself before heading home and getting in the bath or shower and warming up with a cup of tea or glass of wine. Auckland Rainy Day Umbrellas Queen Street

What do you like to do in Auckland on a rainy day? What is your favourite stuff to do in Auckland on a rainy day? Let us know in the comments below so we can check your ideas out too!

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