Why is Auckland called the city of sails?


1.6 million people crammed into a tiny stretch of land, surrounded by oceans and islands. Auckland is the largest and fastest growing city in New Zealand. Calling it multicultural would be an understatement. Auckland has also the largest Polynesian population in the world. Plus every year millions of tourists start their New Zealand experience at the Auckland Airport.

The famous nick name “Auckland, City of Sails” comes from its iconic location. Located on a small land tongue in the center of the Auckland region, locked in by the Tasman Sea in the west and the Hauraki Gulf in the east, Auckland has plenty of access to the water. There are several large commercial and container harbours as well as multiple large marinas and yacht harbours within the City. And the latter are responsible for the City of Sails part of the name.

Sunset Sailing in Auckland Harbour

More than 500,000 sailboats and yachts in various sizes are anchored and moored at marinas within the city. No matter from which side you are approaching Auckland, there is somewhere a marina in sight with rows of sailboats. Thats how the city got its name.

Every year in January, Auckland hosts the Auckland Anniversary Weekend Regatta. Thousands of sailboats are cruising through the harbour and waters around Auckland during this weekend. A spectacle you don’t want to miss and the perfect occasion to see for yourself why Auckland is called the city of sails.

Viaduct Harbour Bridge - Street Photography Auckland

Yachts in the Okahu Bay in Auckland

Hauraki Gulf Sailing Yacht - Landscape Photography Auckland

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