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What to do in Mangere

Māngere is a large suburb in South Auckland and is split into Māngere Bridge and Māngere East.

Massey Homestead
Located along Massey road in the centre of Māngere East, Massey Homestead is a popular spot for weddings, birthday celebrations, weddings and other events. Surrounded by a lovely park with plenty of old and tall trees, there is plenty of shadow on sunny summer days. There is a dairy located on one side of the road and a supermarket around the corner, allowing you to buy everything you need for a family BBQ. More info on their Facebook page.

Walter Massey Park
Walter Massey Park is conveniently located next to the Public library and supermarket in Māngere East. It features exercise equipments, a rugby field, a large playground and public toilets among other things. It can get busy on the weekend with locals making use of the facilities.

Māngere East Library
One of Auckland’s many public libraries, the Māngere East Library is located in one of the public centres of Māngere East. Close to the supermarket, community hall and other amenities, there is plenty of public parking, making it easy accessible via Massey road. More info on their official website.

Mangere East Community Centre
The Māngere East community centre can be found along Massey road in the centre of Māngere East. Together with the Massey Homestead, Walter Massey Park and public library next door, it is one of the main gathering areas in this vivid neighbourhood. Almost every weekend the centre is used for public or private events. More infos on their website.


Aorere Park
Aorere Park is tiny park in Māngere East and one of the hundreds of similar sized small parks and reserves in and around Auckland.

Strawberry Farm
One for the kids and families, the Strawberry Farm located on the outskirts of Māngere East is fantastic seasonal location for all strawberry fans. Not much to add, visit, take some cream with you, pick your strawberries and enjoy. More info can be found on their Facebook page.


Puketutu Island

The former scoria and basalt rock quarry is currently blocked for public access while it is being restored and turned into a reserve. Visitors are only allowed during the annual treatment plant open days, which take place in spring every year. Once the restoration project is completed in 2024-25 the Island also known as Known as Te Motu a Hiaroa to Mana Whenua, will be once again open for public.

Royal Auckland Golf Club

If you are a fan of golf, the Royal Auckland Golf Club might be just the right weekend destination for you. For more informations on the green fee and terms, see their website

Mangere Centre Park

The Mangere Centre Park is large green field surrounded by and dotted with large old trees and located in the centre of Mangere. It tis a good spot for family picnics or weekend BBQs. As the home of the local sports association it is also a prime location for a game of cricket or rugby.

Watercare Coastal Walkway (Mangere Bridge)

One of the many walkways in the vicinity of Auckland city, the Watercare Coastal Walkway is located in Mangere Bridge, not far from Puketutu Island. As part of the Mangere Ihumatao foreshore the walkway runs along beaches and through wetlands full of native birds, with Mangere Mountain always close by. The walk can be started from either Ambury Farm Park or Otuataua Stonefields.

Mangere Mountain (Mangere Bridge)

Located in the centre of Mangere Bridge, Mangere Mountain has one of the best preserved volcanic crater cones in Auckland. The mountain is a great leisure time location, with hikers, mountain bikers and runners equally enjoying the track leading around the crater all the way up to the top edge. It is one of our favourite spots to watch the sunset with Auckland skyline in the background on one side and the ocean and Puketutu Island on the other.

Mangere Bridge Boat Ramp

Great spot for onshore fishing. Especially with incoming and outgoing tide. Make sure to be there on time to secure yourself a good spot. It is a popular place for inner city fishing.


Kiwi Esplanade (Mangere Bridge)

The Kiwi Esplanade leads along the Mangere Bridge waterfront, all the way to the start of the Ambury Regional Park. It is one of our favourite little weekend walks, which we usually start off with a nice breakfast or brunch at the Mangere Bridge town center.

Mangere Boating Club Playground (Mangere Bridge)

This play ground is halfway between the Start and End of the Kiwi Esplanade. Great for a weekend picnic with plenty of room for kids to play and public bathrooms on site.

Mangere Boating Club (Mangere Bridge)

The Mangere Boating Club sits along the Kiwi Esplanade and provides a lot space for cars and trailers to park. If you are a yacht or motor boat enthusiast, you can find more details on their Facebook page.

Manukau Yacht & Motor Boat Club (Mangere Bridge)

The Manukau Yacht & Motor Boat Club is located at the end of the Kiwi Esplanade, close to one of the entrances to Ambury Regional Park.

Ambury Regional Park (Mangere Bridge)

Another one of our favourite locations in South Auckland. Can conveniently combined with a walk along the Kiwi Esplanade and a visit to Mount Mangere followed by a brunch at Mangere Bridge towncenter. We have written a full Ambury Regional Park article a while ago with photos and more details about this park.

Mangere Pony Club (Mangere Bridge)

One for the whole family, ok let’s be honest, mainly for the tiny family members. Located within the Ambury regional park, it is a great weekend location for boys and girls that love ponies, horses and other animals.

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