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Naturally Epsom

Full of nature and nurturing, locals in the quietly beautiful Epsom will be all too familiar with weekend walks, the jogger’s club, our hill, and the unique essence of Cornwall Park and it’s animals, mammals, and flora and fauna. I always feel reacquainted with life’s beauty when I travel there, walking from the city to Epsom is nothing short of a transition from noisy city life, to easy-going, relaxing nature walking, and maybe it’s just me. Still, the air suddenly feels cleaner when I breathe too.
There’s a lot of hidden secrets in Epsom, of which some folk might not be aware. The free Table Tennis available at the local library, with your library card, entitles you to the loan of a pair of paddles and a ping pong ball, with the table set outside perfect for an afternoon game.
As well as this hidden gem, it would be a disservice for me not to shine a much-deserved light on a local cafe unlike any other in Auckland, located near Cornwall Park, a stroll to the almost Remuera border of Epsom, will lead you to a little place called Dreamers Cafe. As the name would suggest, it is a place of calm and creativity as soon as you walk through the door. I could write forever about the experience it offers, but some things are better left unwritten and enjoyed.
To end this entry about a suburb I’m still happy to call my second home, I should also bring recognition to a book published in 2006, which is available in the local library, entitled The History Of Epsom, by Graham Bush. To the locals of Epsom, this is a long look back at what their suburb has come from, places of historical mention, and a neat little index of every Epsom street name and its meaning or origin.
The next time you’re in Epsom, I encourage you to explore beyond the main road.

  • Post and Photography by Curtis Chan.

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