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Auckland’s Transportation System

Newmarket Kingdon Street Rail Tracks - Street Photography Auckland

Auckland’s Planes, Trains and Automobiles (and the ferry… and the bus, oh and bikes)

Auckland isn’t exactly famous for its amazing public transport. With the fuel prices ever increasing and having moved to an area on a train link, I have started to use more public transport along with looking at alternatives. In my experience, the train is reliable. I have used it to get to concerts at Mt Smart Stadium and events in the city (including Auckland’s Lantern Festival). I also use it to get to Orakei Basin Village and to work in Newmarket.

I also have a car which is being used less and less, plus who can afford to these days? I don’t know how the kids can afford to rev and speed (angry first shake) in their cars with fuel prices the way they are. I fear that soon there will be a teenager out each door of the car pushing their mates car up the road, music blaring…

Auckland City Traffic - Street Photography

More cycle ways for Auckland

Auckland Transport has plans however. Auckland has a number of cycle ways connecting suburbs to the city with future routes planned. The bike path along the Northwestern motorway is very popular with both cyclists and runners alike. Onehunga to Mangere Bridge is another popular cycle way as it is fairly flat so perhaps a good place to start out with the family on a weekend – you can also visit Ambury Regional Park while you’re there.

If you’re coming from (or travellling to) West Harbour, Hobsonville, Half Moon Bay, Rakino Island, Pine Harbour, Beach Haven, Birkenhead, Northcote Point, Bayswater, Stanley Bay, Devonport, Gulf Harbour or Waiheke the ferry is a fun and practical option. With so many current ferry services and us Aucklander’s living in a predominately coastal area, I wonder if the future is in ferry travel.

We have plenty of space for further docks and Auckland is extending up the east coast (think Mahurangi and Omaha) and further down the south west coast (Maratei, Beachlands and beyond). With Auckland ever expanding, I also think we could look at future ferries through Manukau Harbour ending near the airport or Onehunga.

Auckland’s ferries, transport method of the future?

The ferry is great there is more of a feeling of freedom unlike the train and bus where you feel locked in to a seat. Ferries often also provide food and drinks, it could be quite a social event getting to and from work in the city. There could be wireless onboard. Professional meetings could also be held. I look forward to what may be on offer in terms of water taxiing in the future!

Auckland Rainy Day Umbrellas Queen Street

One more option is of course walking and running if you live near enough to your destination. I think a lot of us forget we can also walk to the local supermarket, school or park as opposed to taking the car.

Auckland has been behind the eight ball with public transport since Dove Meyer Robinson’s 1972 Rapid Transit Plan was axed (read more about that disaster here) however Auckland Transport does have numerous developments in the works which you can keep up with (including the polarizing light rail). I’d put my money on further future ferry travel with a park and ride system.

How do you like to get around Auckland?

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