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Activities to do in Auckland: Indoors vs outdoors at a glance

Activities to do in Auckland: Indoors vs outdoors at a glance


New Zealand is well-known as a fabulous country to spend time in, and Auckland is one the jewels in its crown. Found on the country’s North Island, it is every bit the modern city and home to around 1.5 million people. As well as offering everything residents need to enjoy everyday life, Auckland is also a great place for tourists. This is mainly because there is so much to see and do there!


Most people know that outdoor life is big in New Zealand, and it is no surprise to see loads of activities to enjoy outside in the city. The truth is though that there are just as many cool indoor activities to enjoy there!


But how do indoor vs outdoor activities in the city stack up?  


What indoor activities are there to do in Auckland?


When comparing indoor vs outdoor activities in the great city of Auckland, there is certainly plenty to do inside on a rainy day. But what indoor stuff is there to stay entertained with in particular?


One of the best examples surely has to be online casino gaming. This allows you to play casino classics like roulette or slots inside, entirely online from a mobile or desktop device. This means you can have all the glamour and fun of casino gaming but without having to go outside. There are plenty of safe online casinos to game at in Auckland now, with being a favourite for many.


Lots to do indoors in the city


But what else does Auckland have to offer in terms of indoor activities? There is no shortage of family friendly attractions here and all of them are worth checking out if being outdoors is not an option. Kelly Tarlton’s Sealife Aquarium is a great example of this, as is the Stardome Observatory and Planetarium. Auckland is also home to some really interesting and unique museums to wander around. From the Auckland Museum to the Maritime Museum, they are great places to spend a day.


The city is also home to some tremendous day spas which make the ideal place to unwind indoors. Whatever treatments you have, you are sure to leave feeling truly chilled out and relaxed. Add in superb shops to explore, lots of cafes/restaurants to linger in — such as Rupas Cafe in Freemans Bay, and the latest movies at Auckland’s Matakana Cinemas and you can see how much there is to do indoors here.


What is there to do outdoors in Auckland?


Auckland is a coastal city which means there is lots to enjoy outdoors here. The beaches in Auckland for example are truly stunning and the perfect place to spend time unwinding. From Piha Beach to Cheltenham Beach, the options here are varied and you will always find stunning, pristine views at any you visit. Of course, the ocean around Auckland is also ideal for those like to indulge in water sports such as surfing.


As well as lots of beaches, the city is also packed full of parks to visit. Western Park is a great example, as are others such as Albert Park. All have plenty of space for kids to play in and are ideal for strolling around on a sunny afternoon. Many also have landscaped gardens and eye-catching sculptures to make discovering them extra appealing.


Outdoors in Auckland: What else is there to do?


As you would expect for a city which likes to live outdoors a lot, Auckland has many more things to do in the fresh air. If you like adventure, it is the ideal place to head. You could try skydiving from 20,000-feet for example or get your adrenaline flowing with a high-up walk around the outside of Sky Tower. If you like it a bit less extreme, there are lots of bike trails to ride in the city.


These are perfect for avid bikers who want to see Auckland in all its glory and get some exercise at the same time. If you are into nature, a visit to the Marine Park in North Auckland is a must. This is a gorgeous outdoor adventure and has some exotic species of fish to see, including Red Moki.


Auckland: Indoors vs outdoors is a tough battle


When it comes to indoors vs outdoors in Auckland, there is no clear winner. This is because there is just as much to keep you busy indoors as there is outdoors — and vice versa! As a result, Auckland is a great place to spend time and somewhere which always has something fun to stay busy with.

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