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Qwerty What?

Aucklife spoke to Denis regarding his business ‘Qwerty Cards”… Some great technolody that is good for the environment and your pocket.

AL: What is Qwerty Card?

Qwerty Card is the business card of the future, which helps to make a memorable first impression, generate more leads, and reduce waste. Qwerty Cards use NFC technology. NFC stands for “Near Field Communication” and enables short-range communication between compatible devices (the Qwerty Card and a smartphone). In two words – simply TAP your Qwerty Card on someone’s phone to connect.


AL: What got you interested in working with this type of technology?

For my entire life, I’ve been interested in tech and innovations and always wanted to create something that people would enjoy using and I would enjoy developing. But I guess only after working in a small business and large corpo for a decade I’ve got enough experience, technical knowledge, and understanding of people’s needs. Also, COVID with all restrictions and “wash your hands” ads become a big catalyst.


AL: What makes this business unique?

At the moment our team is small but very mission-driven. We want to create products that solve real problems. We’re strongly customer-orientated and we consistently roll out new free updates based on their needs. Our customers are the reason we exist, which is why we strive to build a product that aligns with their values. Qwerty Cards eliminate the need not only for paper business cards but also for other print materials that you can share digitally now, which reduces waste. However, we know we use a plastic card right now that we’re not proud of, even if it’s 100% recyclable. That’s why we donate $1 for every card sold to Trees That Count, the Kiwi conservation charity that’s been championing native tree planting since 1990.


AL: What is your target client?

We’re not selling business cards, we’re selling the ability to make a good and memorable first impression. This product would be very beneficial not only for medium and large enterprises that care about sustainability and need to look modern but also for individuals who often meet new people, network, and want others to remember them.


AL: Are there any specials that you have on offer?

Yes, we do have discounts for bulk orders, 10% off for the order of 10+ cards, and 20% off for 50+ cards – this discount applies automatically at the checkout page.


AL: Can you tell Aucklife about some of your favourite cafes or restaurants in your local area?

We have a great Coastal Walkway in Hobsonville Point. I walk there with my wife almost every day and we always stop at 160 Hobsonville Point Cafe for fresh scones and nice coffee. If we want to spend an evening with a glass of wine enjoying the Waterview we’d definitely go to the Fabric Cafe. Every weekend we have a market in Catalina Bay, and I always keen for an Italian Frittelle with salmon, made by an old family recipe – very delicious.

Thanks for your time Denis!

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