As New Zealands most populous city, Auckland is full of fascinating people and stories. We are here to share some of the most interesting stories.

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    Weta Workshop- Unleashed

    Luck struck this week! Aucklife was lucky enough to be invited to go through the Weta Workshop- Unleashed ahead of its opening next week in Auckland. To be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was happily surprised to step into a world; part film set and part workshop. Our…

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    Georgia Cubbon – Gold FM

    Georgia Cubbon has been a radio announcer on New Zealand radio for the past decade. She’s a well-known personality, on and off-air. She recently left Radio Hauraki to become the newest member of Gold FM. I was nervous yet excited to meet this well-known and key New Zealand radio personality.…

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    Sky Tower At Level 2

    It was brisk and sunny outside as had been the majority of mornings of late. This morning was different, it was the first morning of level 2. And we were off to the reopening of the Sky Tower. As a friend and I ventured back into the cbd, we remarked…

  • Brett - The Paper Master
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    Brett – The Paper Artist

    Brett is a passionate guy. It takes him several hours to finish even the smallest of his little paper creatures. Brett is also a patient guy. No matter how often passersby ask him the same questions … How long does it take you to create the little penguin? How many…

  • Remuera Sunrise - Street Photography Auckland
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    Why I live in Auckland

    I arrived in Auckland on the 28th July 2016. I have always been fascinated by New Zealand, since I can remember. The sheer beauty of the landscape, the endless beaches, the vast mountain ranges, the deep untouched forests, how lonely and isolated it was in its little corner of the…