The more you know about a city, the more you can enjoy it. We have compiled a list of interesting and useful guides that will bring you Auckland even closer.

  • Auckland Lantern Festival Fisherman
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    How to Make the Most out of your Rates

    It feels that Auckland’s rates are constantly increasing and you’re not wrong – in June 2018, Auckland rates increased on an average of around 2.5%. Auckland rate payers frequently asking just where are my rates going?! What are we getting for our rates? Who is benefiting?

  • Auckland Rainy Day Skytower Puddle Reflection
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    What to do on rainy days in Auckland?

    There is debate as to whether Crowded House’s “Four Season’s is One Day” was written with Auckland or Melbourne in mind but we are pretty sure it was Auckland. No matter the time of year or day, rain in Auckland is as sure as time itself. Sometimes a passing shower,…

  • Parnell Judges Bay - Street Photography Auckland
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    Is Street Photography Legal in New Zealand?

    Is Street Photography Legal in New Zealand, yes or no? The short answer is yes. Street Photography is allowed in New Zealand but you need to follow some rules to remain outside the grey area. Let’s have a closer look. There are two key factors which helped Street Photography to…