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How to Make the Most out of your Rates

Waterview Tunnel Auckland

It feels that Auckland’s rates are constantly increasing and you’re not wrong – in June 2018, Auckland rates increased on an average of around 2.5%. Auckland rate payers frequently asking just where are my rates going?! What are we getting for our rates? Who is benefiting?

These new rates are a part of Auckland Councils 10 year plan to develop Auckland’s water and transport infrastructure along with new targets aimed at beach cleanliness and protecting our native species (we are sure this is targeted toward the eradication of Kauri dieback). Auckland Council has also discontinued the Auckland Transport Levy which was previously included in your Auckland rates and will now be added to fuel costs at the pump (good for public transport users… not good for vehicle owners!)

Existing and continued spending of rates is dependent on your local board. Generally, over all local boards the following areas are included: rubbish and recycling collections, improving public transport, public events, maintaining parks and running libraries and other community facilities. There is also further spending specific to individual local boards. You can check that out here.

We wanted to look in to ways you can make the most of your Auckland rates. Here are some ideas for how you can use your rates in Auckland.


Auckland Botanic Gardens
If you haven’t been to the Auckland Botanic Gardens yet, this is a must see. It is very easy to access just metres from the Hill Rd exit, just 25 minutes from Auckland City, the Auckland Botanic Gardens has everything for a day out for everyone. You can dine in at the cafe, bring a picnic (remember to clean up after yourself!), bring the dog for both on and off leash areas, wheelchair access with 8 access car parks AND 2 mobility scooters available for hire. The gardens also have public bathrooms, a lake where you can feed the ducks, venues available for hire and various seasonal events.



Local walks
There are hundreds if not thousands of local walks you can enjoy around Auckland. These are maintained by both Auckland Council and The Department of Conservation. Before heading out, please check the weather, clean your boots (this helps prevent the spread of Kauri dieback amongst other diseases) and pack a picnic. We love Tapapakanga Regional Park and Shakespeare Regional Park. Closer to Central Auckland, the walk around Te Atau Peninsula is lovely and of course, an urban walk along Tamaki Drive is a classic.

Parnell Baths Auckland Summer


Auckland Council puts on numerous and various events during the year which include exhibitions, Diwali, Lantern Festival, event’s at Silo Park and the Pasifika Festival to name a few. Keep an eye out on for latest events around Auckland. There is always something on!


This is probably Auckland Councils best kept secret with 67 campgrounds, lodges and baches located Auckland wide available to hire. Baches and campgrounds can be booked up to 7 months in advance and 12 months for lodges. Auckland Council has a reservation area on their website and bookings can be made here.


Parks / beaches / public loos / changing rooms
All over Auckland the council provides public loos, change rooms, beach, parks and trail maintenance. Every time you use these facilities you are using your rates. Enjoy, dispose of your rubbish thoughtfully and keep these facilities nice. Check out more here.


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