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Georgia Cubbon – Gold FM


Georgia Cubbon has been a radio announcer on New Zealand radio for the past decade. She’s a well-known personality, on and off-air. She recently left Radio Hauraki to become the newest member of Gold FM. I was nervous yet excited to meet this well-known and key New Zealand radio personality. I walk into the NZME corridor; I’m anxiously waiting for Georgia Cubbon ……. Though the minute she walks into the hallway, my anxiety dissipates, she is immediately likeable, and her warm personality fills the room. Her radio voice is distinctive. Though she looks far prettier than the stereotypical ‘Balding mid 50s radio DJ’. She’s articulate, pretty, and slender built. (She reminds me more of TV reporter’). It’s hard to imagine that she describes herself as “just a normal chick from Roto-Vegas (originally)’ “I feel ready and reassured to start the interview now.

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Aucklife: Georgia, Congrats on your radio career and a new job at Gold FM.
Georgia Cubbon: Thank you.

Aucklife: Growing up in New Zealand, I feel that radio plays a big part in our culture. From the early days of Pirate radio (Hauraki) to now. I’ve always felt that it gets us up to date with music, humour, and news. Would you agree with this statement? And would you say that the radio is often on in your household?
Georgia Cubbon: The car radio is always on although the radio in my house is quite subdued. But growing up as a teenager, I leaned towards radio to follow the top 40, and to be in-the-know about the bands I was obsessed about at the time! I would say that radio has always been there “like a non-high maintenance friend.”

Aucklife: What drew you to radio culture? And when did you realise that you could have a future career on the air?
Georgia Cubbon: I was still in school. I was very good at public speaking. What also helped was a school friend saying I would sound good on the radio. I also had a very grown-up voice (laughs), which could be better used than impersonating my mother to get off school. Then when I was 16, I found out a station called Rock 99 had volunteering positions available. I worked there for a year or so and absolutely loved it. I was then offered a paid position at Classic Hits but left to do The Broadcasting & Communications Degree in Christchurch when I finished high school.

Aucklife: Georgia, since working on Radio Hauraki and since switching to Gold; I’ve noticed there are a lot of similarities in music and commentary between both stations, did this make a move more manageable?
Georgia Cubbon: I was at Hauraki for eight years, and I have only been at Gold FM for two weeks, so I’m getting a feel for my audience as much as I can so I can relate better to the slightly older demographic. But yes, the music is pretty great across both stations, so I feel very privileged.

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Aucklife: Since working on the radio, which radio guests have been a standout dream to meet?
Georgia Cubbon: The bass player from the Foo Fighters Nate Mendel was one of the most genuine and fun to chat to. Rage Against the Machines Brad Wilk and Public Enemy’s Chuck D made me the most nervous because c’mon who wouldn’t be? Wilk complemented our New Zealand coffee blinking wildly, saying, “Ain’t never had a coffee like that.” (laughs) And Chuck D lamented that his “oats were whack” that in itself was the coolest breakfast chat I expect I will ever have.

Aucklife: Thank you for your time. Although I have one last question, What advice would you give to someone considering a career in radio?
Georgia Cubbon: Try early enough in life to get involved at a local level, “research, have achievable expectations, volunteer, knock on doors,” You may get knocked back. Still, that elusive ‘foot in the door’ is all about attitude and even the smallest of opportunities or advice.

Listen to Gold FM from 9 am weekdays to tune into Georgia Cubbon. (

Written by: Lee Lee Williams


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