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Designer Business Cards

Very recently I have been thinking more about the environment and what business practices I could implement that may make a difference to the environment. I am not the biggest of “greenies but a couple of my clients through my social media & marketing business “tradiesocials“. have pointed out some easy ways to implement without being too burdesome. One was from my client enviro biz solutions who help sustainable businesses with their accounting and run a paperless business and the other was Lucy from  wild tree digital who chooses to work with software and hardware that has less impact on the environment.

Thats around the same time I spotted Qwerty cards. Paper business cards have been used for centuries. Unfortunately, they’re expensive and harmful to the environment, not to mention a bit ordinary. With Qwerty Card, you’ll leave lasting impressions and save the planet through the magic of NFC. So I got myself one- then I went one step further, and asked the owner if we could work togethor They are awesome!

If you are interested getting a card designed with your company logo and set up on your behalf or for your whole team send your details through the below contact form for pricing or give me a call on 021 1977 600.

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