Best Teppanyaki Restaurant in Newmarket

Heizo Teppanyaki Restaurant - Newmarket, Auckland

The first time I entered HEIZO and sat down I thought: Where am I? Am I still in Auckland? The decoration, the bamboo covered ceiling, the little figurines, the large iron griddle, the kitchenette in the corner, the tiny little counter … I was impressed with the amount of atmosphere this tiny place manages to uphold. Everything in this little restaurants shouts out Japan.

A slice of Japan in the middle of Newmarket

Following the Teppanyaki invitation, we ordered meat, chicken and fish dishes straight from the iron plate. It is very entertaining and almost therapeutic to watch the chef and restaurant owner preparing every dish fresh, fast and flawless right in front of us, using nothing else but two broad palette-knives.

Occasionally, and if one is up for it, the chef lets people try to catch parts of their meal with their mouths, throwing it at them with the palette-knives. Theatrical and fun to watch, especially if the target doesn’t catch … The staff and family are very friendly and welcoming, making it an overall delightful experience to eat there.

HEIZO Teppanyaki Japanese Restaurant is hands down my favourite restaurant in Newmarket and one of my favourites in Auckland. If you want delicious and authentic (at least from what I can tell, ….) Japanese teppanyaki cuisine, a culinary experience with entertainment factor, thats the place to go.

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