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10 things to do in Auckland in spring

It’s September and that means one thing: it’s spring time! Auckland is busy year round however spring is the time where we blink our way in to the sun after a few months of hibernation. Here are our top 10 free (ish) things to do in Auckland this spring.


You may have a vast garden or a couple of plants inside, either way, giving your plants a little TLC at the start of spring and tidying up your garden is good for both you and your plants. Mow the lawn, clean up the leaves, trim the hedge, cut away old leaves of plants, revitalise your mint.

New Zealand Praying Mantis


The Auckland Botanic Gardens are beautiful, with a vast lake, café (and the option to bring your own picnic) there is something for everyone. There is even a kids zone and mobility scooters that can be borrowed by the less able. Get some air in to your lungs and enjoy this beautiful and FREE garden for all to enjoy.

Auckland Botanical Gardens Plants


There are countless walks around Auckland. From walking to your local café to hikes in the Waitakere’s (check what is open ahead of time). DOC and the local council work hard on the maintenance of parks and they are there for your enjoyment. Remember to obey signage, clean your boots, take only photos and leave only footprints.

Hobson Bay Walkway - Street Photography


A little closer to home but this is a good one. Spring clean your home – get your paperwork filed, donate some old clothes that you no longer wear, check your pantry for what hasn’t been used yet and prepare some meals or even donate to the local food collection or Auckland City Mission. You can even sell quality unused items online and get some cash back. Pull out that old bike, walk it to the petrol station and fill up the tyres and go for a ride. Declutter your life and mind for Spring.


Ambury Farm is a fantastic place to visit and you may even see some lambs, foals or piglets. You can also visit Cornwall park to see sheep and cows (of course give them a wide berth as they may be pregnant or have babies). There is also the duck ponds at Auckland Domain where you can visit the ducks and swans and you may be lucky enough to see duckings and signets.

Clouds and Sheeps in Ambury Regional Park


Auckland has over 80 beaches – how many have you visited? While often we have around 5 or so beaches that we frequent, why don’t you visit a beach you haven’t visited before? You may find a new café, caves or a new favourite. One of our favourites is Shakespear Regional Park. There are wonderful walks, plenty of space, lovely swimming (if you’re game) and shared BBQ’s.

Cheltenham Beach Devonport - Auckland


Auckland is not exactly short of volcanoes. A popular walk on the Auckland mainland is Cornwall Park and Mt Eden however you can also catch the ferry and climb Rangitoto. Another great option is the Mangere Mountain in Mangere bridge. The view from up there are great. While this may be something we take for granted as Aucklanders imagine saying that to someone from overseas – oh, I just climbed a volcano today. It really paints a picture!



Depending on what you have in the fridge, a picnic can be a wonderful free thing to do. Make some sandwiches, pack some water and a blanket and Auckland is your oyster. Head to a beach, local park or even up one of our many volcanoes. You can picnic just about anywhere. Relax and enjoy the atmosphere and taking things slowly for the day.

Mt Eden Picnic - Street Photography

Explore Wynyard Quarter

The Wynyard Quarter is one of our favourite places in Auckland, especially in spring. Once the weather is a bit nicer, people from all over Auckland find their way down to the waterfront to enjoy some sun, good food and drinks or make use of the playground and facilities around the Silo Park. Wynyard Quarter is never boring. Sit down, have a drink and watch the busy life along the waterfront.

Wynyard Quarter Silo Park - Street Photography Auckland


This is a bit of an old school idea but when did you last fly a kite? There are many kites still available (or maybe even one in your garage or at the 2nd hand store?). Grab a friend and head down to the park and get flying. Stunt kites are particularly fun on gusty spring days. People love watching kites flutter and fly in the wind and you’ll be taken back to the simple days of childhood this spring.

Kite Surfer at Waimanu Bay Reserve - Te Atatu Peninsula, Auckland Skyline

VOLUNTEER (Bonus One!)

There are many charities around Auckland who always need help – RSPCA, Auckland City Mission, Auckland Council and various community groups. If you have the time, chances are a community organisation could do with some help – you don’t necessarily need to give money to charity. You could donate blood, you could volunteer at the hospital. Think of a charity or community group that you would like to help and give them a call!

Parnell Rosegardens - Street Photography Auckland

What do you like to do in Auckland in spring time? Do you have more free ideas for what to do in Auckland? We’d love to hear from you.

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