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Why we think Auckland is better than Dunedin

Auckland vs Dunedin

It was New Zealand’s first city, thanks to the influx of people searching for gold in the 1860s, and Dunedin has long been a popular place to live due to its affordable housing, laid-back lifestyle, and the beauty of the wider Otago region. But we prefer to live in Auckland – and here are five reasons why.

Auckland has more sunny days

If you find yourself feeling flat and unmotivated on a cloudy day, then you’re better off in Auckland, which averages around 2000 hours of sunshine each year. Dunedin has a reputation for dull, grey weather, which is supported by the fact it only gets about 1600 hours of sunshine a year – the least of any major city in New Zealand and on a par with our southernmost city, Invercargill. Auckland’s more northerly position (around 1000km closer to the equator) also means it’s several degrees warmer all year round.

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The sea in Dunedin is a little chilly

Both Auckland and Dunedin have plenty of stunning beaches, but if you want to go for a dip in the Dunedin sea, you might find it a bit on the cold side, with an average maximum summer water temperature of just 15 degrees Celsius. By contrast, Auckland’s summertime maximum sea temperature is a much more pleasant 23 degrees. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) suggests that most people would feel comfortable swimming in ocean water ranging between 21 and 25 degrees.

Auckland’s cricket team is better

Since it was instigated in October 1906, New Zealand’s first-class cricket championship has been known by several names. Originally The Plunket Shield, it became The Shell Trophy in the mid-70s and The State Championship during the 2001-2002 season. The Auckland cricket team have been victorious a record 23 times, with their most recent win in 2016. Otago, on the other hand, has notched up 13 victories, and have not won the title since 1988.

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Auckland has more job opportunities

By virtue of its sheer size, Auckland offers far more in the way of employment options. A quick check of leading job search site SEEK for any type of employment returned 450 jobs in Dunedin versus 11,838 in Auckland. Per head of population (2018 census), that’s one job vacancy per 271 people in Dunedin compared to one vacancy per 136 people in Auckland.

You can tour the gastronomic world in Auckland

Auckland is New Zealand’s most cosmopolitan city, with Census data showing that around 40% of the population was born overseas. Combine that with the number of people living there, and it’s not hard to see why Auckland has a much better range of international food options than Dunedin, which (according to Trip Advisor) has only one Vietnamese restaurant – and if you want Ethiopian or Nepalese, you’re out of luck.

Between Auckland’s night markets, an abundance of international food courts, and food trucks, you’re never short of authentic exotic foods to spice up your meal options.

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