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Happy 21st Birthday Sky Tower!

Auckland Sky Tower - Street Photography


This month (3rd August to be exact) Auckland Sky Tower turned 21. Here are 21 Sky Tower facts and photos to celebrate:

  1. Auckland’s Sky Tower officially opened on the 3rd August 1997
  2. The Sky Tower is 328m high to the antenna
  3. The Sky Tower changes its coloured lighting depending on the celebration or event
  4. There are 3 lifts that travel at 18km per hour and have glass floors
  5. The Sky Tower has a Sky Jump where adrenaline enthusiasts can fall 192 metres to the base of the tower
  6. The team who supplied the Sky Jump on the Sky Tower also supplied Sky Jump to the Stratosphere Hotel in Las Vegas
  7. If you stand at the top of the Sky Tower and focus, you can feel it moving
  8. The Sky Tower is the tallest free standing tower in the Southern Hemisphere
  9. The tallest tower in the world is Tokyo Skytree at 634m (almost twice the height of the Sky Tower)
  10. If you’re in the mood for a walk, you can enjoy the Sky Walk which is 192 metres up with no hand rail
  11. 6 digital television and 23 radio frequencies currently operate from the Sky Tower
  12. Construction started on the Sky Tower in 1994
  13. The Sky Tower cost $76 million dollars to build
  14. The Sky Towers lighting is energy efficient replacing original flood lighting with LED’s on the upper half of the tower in 2009
  15. The Sky Tower supports various charities, notably the “Firefighters Sky Tower Stair Challenge” were firefighters from all over New Zealand charge up 1108 steps
  16. The second highest structure in New Zealand is the New Plymouth Power Station Chimney at 198 metres
  17. The closest structure in Auckland to the Sky Tower is the Vero Centre at 172 metres
  18. The Sky Tower hosts around 415,000 visitors per year
  19. The Sky Tower has a revolving section with New Zealand’s only rotation restaurant ‘Orbit’ – you may find your table has rotated away when you return from the bathroom
  20. We think the Sky Tower is the only 21 year old with property in Auckland city.
  21. The Sky Tower is good fun for everyone – Happy Birthday Sky Tower!  Looking forward to your 30th Birthday



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