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Auckland vs Christchurch

4 reasons why we love Auckland best

Christchurch is the South Island’s largest city, and Auckland is the largest in the North Island. We both have a history of seismic unrest, and our weather can change at the drop of a hat – but here are four differences that we think make Auckland the best place to live.

1. Auckland has a Goldilocks climate

We love Auckland because it’s not too hot and not too cold – it’s just right! Our northern position, combined with the fact that we have the moderating effect of the sea on both sides of the city, means that Auckland enjoys a very temperate climate.

Meanwhile, Christchurch tends to experience more extremes. According to a recent report, Christchurch has had two of the top 10 hottest days ever recorded anywhere in New Zealand – both over 40 degrees Celsius. At the other end of the scale, it usually experiences snow twice a year and frost about 70 days each year. Auckland, on the other hand, hasn’t seen snow since 2011, and you have to go back another 72 years to find the next most recent snowfall.

2. Our air is (slightly) cleaner

You’re probably surprised to learn that, despite the traffic jams and large industrial areas, Auckland has relatively clean air. It’s not perfect, but with an annual average of around 15 micrograms of particulate matter (PM10) per cubic metre, and an annual high in the mid-30s, it’s pretty good by international standards.

Christchurch, while not as big as Auckland, tends to experience more air pollution due to the number of wood-burning fires in the city. These combine with geographical and climatic conditions that trap the air pollutants at low altitude to cause poor winter air quality. Christchurch’s average PM10 for 2018 was 18, with an annual high of 64.

3. We don’t get the Canterbury nor’ wester

The infamous Canterbury nor’ wester, or the foehn wind, is the one that arrives on New Zealand’s West Coast, laden with moisture, and dumps all its rain on the mountains before blowing hot and dry across the Canterbury plains. Research has suggested that the nor’ wester is responsible for making Canterbury residents grumpy, anxious and depressed. Ngai Tahu called it “Te Hau Kai Tangata” which translates to “the wind that devours humankind”. Not only does the foehn wind drive Cantabrians crazy, but it also does plenty of damage. In 1988 a particularly strong nor’ wester blew away thousands of tonnes of topsoil, ripped off roofs and blew over power pylons.

4. We have better shopping

Due to its sheer size, Auckland is the place to be if you like to shop. Not only do we have huge malls in Albany, Sylvia Park, St Lukes, Westgate and New Lynn, and iconic venues like Queen Street’s Smith & Caughey and the Otara Flea Market, but new developments promise an even more exciting array of choices for the avid shopper.

Newmarket’s Westfield Broadway is just about to re-open after an extensive redevelopment. Commercial Bay on Auckland’s waterfront is home to New Zealand’s first H&M. American discount retailer Costco is opening its first New Zealand store in Westgate. Makeup giant Sephora recently opened its flagship New Zealand store in Queen Street. And, perhaps most exciting, Swedish furniture sensation Ikea has announced that it’s planning an Auckland store in the near future.

The Garden City may be beautiful, but we think the City of Sails is better!

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