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This month Aucklife meets 5050cafefriends. An interesting concept to meet new people in your local area.
At 5050cafefriends we turn online friends into real-life friends so that you can meet people from your area, so how do we do this?
We’re two platforms rolled into one, so we can handle the internet side of things and the more social, human side of things by creating a way for your ‘online friends to find you’ (not the other way around).
Your online friends will auto-populate your coffee invite form when they join 5050. You are then able to send our invite and invite your friends from your area/suburb to your local cafe. People who are from the same area have a lot in common.
All you need to do is complete Step 1 of registration (Join as a Friend) which is free and takes about 3 mins. We don’t use GPS tracking or other creepy stuff and won’t follow you on or off the internet.
After you’ve completed Step 1, you’ll be able to see who has amassed from your area in your group invite. (Tap the Person + icon below) and follow the simple steps. Meeting people in a group is a great way of meeting people!
If there aren’t enough people from your area yet (more than one), you can encourage people to join by posting to your facebook or other social or anything you can think of. We’re only a small team and could do with the help as our concept is very new.
You can also switch your subscription to auto-renew (wait and see who joins) deactivate or cancel at any time. There are no traps!

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