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How local businesses can give back.

While some people believe that good business is only about making as much profit from as
little investment as possible, there is a growing number of leaders who acknowledge that any
business thrives only when the community around it thrives too. Social responsibility is not
just for large corporations. Every individual can make a difference.

Rotary is an organisation that acts as a bridge between individuals and the surrounding
community. With more than 1.4 million members across the globe, Rotary International
stands out as a beacon of service, fellowship, and community impact. Rotary clubs, the
cornerstone of this remarkable organisation, have been empowering individuals and
transforming communities for over a century.

There are 255 Rotary clubs across New Zealand, each offering its members a range of
opportunities to give back to the community. These clubs connect individuals from diverse
backgrounds, professions, and cultures. This vast network facilitates collaboration, the
exchange of ideas, and the forging of lasting relationships.

Each club responds to the needs of its community and harnesses the skills and passion of
its members to start new projects or to support existing initiatives. They identify and address
pressing needs, such as education, health, poverty, and environmental sustainability. By
actively participating in service projects, members make a tangible difference in people's

Rotary clubs invest in the future by supporting youth programs, such as Rotary Youth
Leadership Awards (RYLA) and Interact clubs. These initiatives provide young people with
opportunities for leadership, personal development, and community involvement.

Rotary also supports global programmes and it has been a driving force in the global effort to
eradicate polio. Since 1988 Rotary clubs have contributed millions of dollars to vaccination
campaigns and mobilised countless volunteers to immunise children. There has been a
reduction of 99.9% of polio cases, with only 4 cases reported this year, compared to 350,000
in 1988. With on-going immunisations, polio may become only the second disease to be
totally eradicated on Earth.

Do you have a burning desire to support a cause? Talk to Rotary about how we can work
together to make it a reality. Find a club close to you.

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