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  • Auckland Lantern Festival Fisherman
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    How to Make the Most out of your Rates

    It feels that Auckland’s rates are constantly increasing and you’re not wrong – in June 2018, Auckland rates increased on an average of around 2.5%. Auckland rate payers frequently asking just where are my rates going?! What are we getting for our rates? Who is benefiting?

  • Auckland Rainy Day Skytower Puddle Reflection
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    What to do on rainy days in Auckland?

    There is debate as to whether Crowded House’s “Four Season’s is One Day” was written with Auckland or Melbourne in mind but we are pretty sure it was Auckland. No matter the time of year or day, rain in Auckland is as sure as time itself. Sometimes a passing shower,…

  • Auckland Harbour Sailing - Street Photography Auckland

    Why is Auckland called the city of sails?

    1.6 million people crammed into a tiny stretch of land, surrounded by oceans and islands. Auckland is the largest and fastest growing city in New Zealand. Calling it multicultural would be an understatement. Auckland has also the largest Polynesian population in the world. Plus every year millions of tourists start…

  • Brett - The Paper Master
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    Brett – The Paper Artist

    Brett is a passionate guy. It takes him several hours to finish even the smallest of his little paper creatures. Brett is also a patient guy. No matter how often passersby ask him the same questions … How long does it take you to create the little penguin? How many…

  • Auckland techXpo 2017 vodafone events centre

    Auckland techXpo 2017

    The first TechXpo in Auckland took place in the Vodafone Events Centre from Friday 11th August – Sunday 13th August. As a brand new conference being held for the first time, we were curious about the format if the show. We arrived at the venue without specific expectations around 10am,…

  • Parnell Judges Bay - Street Photography Auckland
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    Is Street Photography Legal in New Zealand?

    Is Street Photography Legal in New Zealand, yes or no? The short answer is yes. Street Photography is allowed in New Zealand but you need to follow some rules to remain outside the grey area. Let’s have a closer look. There are two key factors which helped Street Photography to…

  • Remuera Sunrise - Street Photography Auckland
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    Why I live in Auckland

    I arrived in Auckland on the 28th July 2016. I have always been fascinated by New Zealand, since I can remember. The sheer beauty of the landscape, the endless beaches, the vast mountain ranges, the deep untouched forests, how lonely and isolated it was in its little corner of the…