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8 entertainment options worthy of being experienced on your own

For many activities, we are looking for a company to be in action or the presence of friends or partners. However, sometimes we can’t find significant others for the entertainment option of choice. It’s not outrageous to just go alone and have fun. In fact, you should opt for doing some fun things to do even if you have potential accomplices.


Stay at home and play games

Being responsible is essential in a grown person’s life. However, you could take a random weekday off just for yourself once in a while. You can be lazy, stay in your pyjamas, and binge-watch a favourite show.

You can sit on a couch, watch rugby or basketball and check other results on the live score feature on the William Hill app, for example. While you’re there, you can place live bets on the event or play some thousand casino games. With such a variety of options, people can simply choose what they like at a given moment.

Whatever you do with your spontaneous free day, don’t feel guilty because you probably deserve little quality time with the best version of yourself.

Rock on the concert

Your favourite rock band is coming to town, and no one can keep up with your headbanging and mosh-pit skills. You don’t have to plan in detail how the concert attendance will go, when to go to the bathroom, order food, go out of the venue early or come late. You can sing along as loud as you want, and it’s a great chance to meet other people.

Go on a city break trip

If you wanted to visit Berlin, Tokyo or Christchurch but never had the time or a companion, you should go on your own. Make a loose itinerary, explore the destination city at your pace, and eat where and what you want. No matter how good a match is, your travel partner, no one is totally aligned with your frequency, and exploring a new destination on your own can be the best thing you decide.

Go on a fancy dinner

Why wouldn’t you take yourself to dinner? You can choose the restaurant and don’t have to settle for compromises. Order a favourite meal, and top it off with a dessert. You won’t have to worry about dinner talk, the “you’re gonna eat all that” look from a spouse, or the evil eye about chocolate cake.

A rollercoaster ride or bungee jump?

Go to an amusement park or other adrenaline-filled adventure. You can explore “death rides” in an amusement park without worrying about what your friend or partner would do. Instead, choose attractions you like, and move faster through the park.

You can also do a bungee jump or skydiving. These activities are fun, and regardless of whom you come, you will do them alone.

Visit a museum

Some might find museums boring, but others utterly enjoy the experience. Whether you like a contemporary museum or a natural history institution, you can quietly, at your own pace, explore exhibits and read carefully without being rushed all about authors or the history of items.

Learn to play an instrument

You have always wanted to play the drums like John Bonham but never tried? Take your time, and start learning to play an instrument. You can start with YouTube tutorials, and if you pick up the ropes, go to a live tutor or music school.

Music is, in many ways, therapeutic and can relieve everyday challenges. So treat yourself to learning how to play, and you can start jamming.

Join workout class

Thy something new in the workout part of your life. Joining yoga class or starting kickboxing, cycling or rowing training might be just what you need. You can improve your fitness and do something positive for yourself without making tedious arrangements and synchronizing free time with others.

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