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Man about Howick – Paul Morrison

Property has been somewhat of a trending topic of late. With many recent developments, including the changes in healthy homes and pressure on the market, it was refreshing to chat to Paul Morrison of Ray White, Howick.


Paul helped his mother on the family farm after his father passed away when he was 9. When they moved to Auckland, his first job was selling encyclopaedias door to door in Auckland. That did not work out, but I was able to help get a job as a dishwasher, where my mother worked in a coffee shop in Manukau. I had several significant roles in sales, one memorable one at Union Carbide as a sales rep selling Eveready batteries and another at Clipsal selling electrical accessories: which I loved (among others), which brings me to Real Estate. (Paul’s Mum and Dad in the photo on left)


AL: Paul, can you tell us a bit about you and your home life?

PM: I like to think of myself as a helping person, thoughtful and kind with a sense of humour. I met my current wife online, where we instantly connected. I describe it as “soul mate kind of stuff”. (Swwoooonnn).


I have a son and a daughter from my first marriage and a grandson who is 4; we have two dogs. The oldest is Rubi, my wife had her way before I came on the scene, and we got another dog (Tobi) to keep her company. Tobi is three and can very badly behave (I’m using a poetic licence with language here); Rubi is 11 years old but still keeps up with Tobi running around and playing; it’s great to see.


AL: What made you decide to move to Howick? 

PM: I had lived in and around Pakuranga after we sold the farm and first moved up to Auckland, which was on the Pakuranga highway. Even when I had moved out to go flatting, East had always felt like home… On marrying Linda, it was natural for me to move to Howick.


AL: Do you have a favourite moment about your current role? Well, one of the funniest things that have happened more than once is that my clients have mentioned how much I look like Phil Spencer from Location Location Location. I find it hilarious!


AL: Tell us why you love your current job?

PM: I didn’t think that I would get so emotional when helping people either sell or buy their homes, but I do, and it’s great. I don’t just sell homes; I bring families together with the right home, not a house, a home!… It is this line of thought that sets me apart from a lot of real estate salespeople. I am interested in helping them, not my interest.

I was assisting a salesperson with a lovely couple at an online auction over the phone recently. They won the auction, and I could hear myself start to get a bit emotional when expressing congratulations to them over the phone. They weren’t even my buyers!

One of the best things about working in real estate is that you get to meet many interesting people and make friendships along the way. You can’t beat that.


AL: With the “C” Word, what changes have been made with selling real estate?

Property viewings and visits may currently be undertaken in person in limited circumstances, and remote processes are preferred. Buyers or potential buyers from the same residence can view the property. Online viewings, online auctions and other activities have been keeping everything on track. It’s been tough getting used to the processes but also very exciting.

AL: Everyone is talking about “shop local”. Could you tell us about some of your favourite places in that you like to shop & eat?

My wife and I like to spread ourselves among the many eateries in Howick Village, whether that’s having a lovely Saturday morning “‘eggs Bennie breakfast” at Urban in East, a quick wine or beer at “Basalt” or “The Good Home”. Of course, our “sales” one on ones coffee meetings are usually at Apothecary.

Outside of those, there is 101 Home that I have used for gifts for my successful vendors and buyers to supporting the local fruit shop Fig and Plum and the Howick Village grocer; there are too many shops to name as we visit mostly local places where we can.

If you are interested in selling your home and want someone kind, honest, and funny, I recommend Paul of Ray White Howick.


Side Note: Paul is so nice! He wanted me to give a shout out to all the businesses that he frequents in Howick! so I am listing them and putting in their URL’s here. Honestly, what a heart of gold! 

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