Eastern Rosella - Red Parrots Auckland Street Photography
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Eastern Rosella

Eastern Rosella - Red Parrots Auckland Street Photography

The small red parrots that can be seen zooming around parks in Auckland are native to the southeast of Australia as well as Tasmania. The Eastern Rosella made the North Island its new home, with some small feral populations also in the hills around Dunedin in the South Island.

I have recently seen a couple of these funny little parrots in the Mount Hobson Domain as well as in the Coyle Park at the end of Point Chevalier. As so many other species, the Eastern Rosella has been accidentally introduced and flourished in its new home in New Zealand. It is not yet know if they have a negative impact on the endemic flora and fauna.

If you want to see some of these funny little red parrots, try the above mentioned parks or other parks around Auckland, which feature a lot of trees.

Auckland Red Parrots, are Eastern Rosella.

Eastern Rosella Flying at Point Chev

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