Makaka Bay Beach - Waitakere Ranges - Landscape Photography Auckland
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Makaka Bay Beach

Makaka Bay Beach - Waitakere Ranges - Landscape Photography Auckland

Auckland doesn´t cease to impress me with the amount of secret and wonderful places. Makaka Bay is certainly one of those. Over creeks, passing waterfalls and along the edge of the cliffs, a hike through the forest is the only way to reach this secluded little bay. The creeks turns into a little waterfall that ends right on the edge of the cliffs of the bay and finds its way into the ocean. What an amazing spot to sit down and enjoy lunch. Blue sky, green cliffs, teal-blue water, shinny pebbles, no other soul around.

More nature than one can hope for, and all of this less than an hour drive away from the central business district. Auckland has so much to offer for people interested in leaving the busy urban area. I for one have decided to spend more time in the surroundings and to find more secret and magical little spots like the Makaka bay. What about you?

Makaka Bay Beach Waterfall - Waitakere Ranges - Auckland Landscape Photography


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