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Making Newmarket New Again

Newmarket Motorway Sunset - Street Photography Auckland

Why are so many stores in Newmarket empty? Well unless you’ve been living under a rock you’d know that Two Double Seven shut down to make way for a massive new Westfield which will include Auckland’s first David Jones store in its place.

We like Newmarket. Not only because it is where our office is based but because we like the area. There are plenty of shops, convenience stores, cafes and restaurants including two cinemas and a public swimming pool. There is a train station. The Link bus rolls through. The Domain is right there. And we cannot forget New Zealand’s beloved Red Shed (The Warehouse) arguably one of Newmarket’s mainstays although possibly not for much longer as it has been sold (no doubt Everyone Got a Bargain).

Thanks to its central location, Newmarket has plenty of drive through traffic from people on their way to or from Remuera, Parnell, Grafton or the city centre. However after the shut down of Two Double Seven we did notice number of stores with the signs “Closed Down” or “For Lease” on our 600m daily jaunt down Broadway. FOR LEASE signs were everywhere, it felt like every second store on Broadway was vacant. Thankfully, this is starting to turnaround with a number of stores opening up again as we approach Christmas 2018 (only 16 more Friday’s until Christmas!)

Newmarket Broadway Oriental Tea - Street Photography Auckland

We are excited to hear a Krispy Kreme will be opening within BP Newmarket and if you’re renovating Kitchen Things Luxury Collection opened in August. The fairly recently formed restaurant / shopping pocket between York St and Osborne St houses the delicious Burger Burger, Dry and Tea and The Candy Shop, a new casual Asian Fusion restaurant – just to name a few. Another handful of stores have had their for lease signs removed and are now under construction which is a further indication Newmarket is starting to revive.

New stores are opening finally!

Amongst the new stores are some Newmarket classics – The Lumsden Freehouse pedestrian area, which is always busy especially during happy hour. Khyber Pass has barely changed with one of our old favouries Selera still packed to the brim daily along with the classic JHC Fruit & Vege for your fresh food needs.

There are also some hidden gems in Newmarket which you may not know about if you don’t frequent the area. A favourite of ours is family run Heizo, a Japanese Teppanyaki restaurant on Short St where upon entering you will feel transported thousands of miles away to the heart of Tokyo. The Claddagh Irish Pub is another hidden gem off the beaten track with a hidden outdoor beer garden behind the building providing a great location to enjoy a beer on a hot summer day (or any day really).

Newmarket is still very much open for business. While there are still a number of empty stores, this is starting to turn around with many businesses opening and will continue to do so as we approach (late) 2019 when the opening of the new Westfield Mall. So for now, enjoy the slightly quieter Newmarket and what it still has to offer while supporting the local businesses.

Westfield Newmarket Shopping Centre

What are your thoughts? Do you like Newmarket? Are you excited for the new Westfield Mall? What other stores are you excited to shop at?

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