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North Head Tunnels

North Head Tunnels - Devonport Auckland

Entering the North Head Tunnels I chased up two Welcome Swallows that were seeking shelter in the shadow of the cold tunnels. They were not too impressed with me disturbing their piece. Instead they were angrily tweeting at me from outside of the cave, while staring at me. They may be called “Welcome” Swallows, but there was no “welcome” involved with those two feathery friends that I met. Here a close up shot of the Welcome Swallow above, tweeting at me.

Welcome Swallow New ZealandInside the North Head TunnelsNorth Head Bunker RuinsView from within North Head TunnelsNorth Head View of Rangitoto IslandNorth Head View of Cheltenham BeachNorth Head View of Waiheke IslandNorth Head Tunnels View of AucklandNorth Head View of Auckland Skyline

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