Viaduct Harbor Seagulls - Street Photography Auckland
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Viaduct Harbour

Viaduct Harbour Seagulls - Street Photography Auckland

The Viaduct harbour is one of the main attractions in Auckland’s central business district. Thousands of people walk along the waterfront, enjoy great lunch or dinner, a fancy drink or a cold beer in one of the many restaurants and bars, while watching boats and yachts arriving and leaving.

The Viaduct harbour is a great spot to watch people and all sorts of water activities. One of the best spots to spend a sunny Saturday or Sunday with family or friends. It is never boring, guaranteed by the many cruise ships and ferries that constantly bring new people into the harbour.

It is also a preferred spots for seagulls to beg for food, or steal the bait or catch of the fisherman who fish of the wharfs.

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