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Nouveau Crochet

There is a new sensation in Auckland. A change from those complaining about house prices and traffic woes.
A new emerging hub of creativity has started to take root in Auckland.
I saw this through three young people I met recently while interviewing them for Aucklife.

Madison Douglas Bell is a nineteen-year-old crochet designer. Madison’s creations take on a new spin on the dated look of Grandma’s ‘doily’ crochet collection. Madison’s creations include colourful sunflower bikinis, an inspiration drawn from 70s hippie’ colours to a ”Hello Kitty” inspired skirt and top. As well as this, her designs are all size-inclusive. Madison has also sold her designs at various festivals including Bay Dreams and Northern Bass. When I asked Madison about her view on crochet and her plans, and why people overlook crochet she replied ” I guess, crochet skipped a generation”.

Monique Stevens is a 19-year-old ‘depop’ reseller, who I also had the pleasure of meeting as well. Monique loves thrift shopping and reselling pieces of vintage Y2K clothing up to 2010. Thinking about it I told her she could probably have sold my teenage wardrobe (ha-ha) on Depp. Monique’s depot shop Momosattire had a huge amount of sales during Auckland’s covid lockdown.

In addition to this, I had the chance of meeting Stevie Hind. An artist, who’s inventive ” Glimpse” exhibition questions our perception. Stevie hopes in particular that we may see the idea of pleasure and sin differently. You just have to see the images of the Exhibition that shows a female in fluorescent pink sunbathing and someone glimpsing immediately thinks whether ” Should I be even catching a glimpse of this … perhaps.


Thanks to Lee Lee Williams for taking the time to Meet up and write this article.


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