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Why is Auckland’s Traffic So Bad?

Evening Rush Hour Traffic Newmarket Motorway

Whether you have lived in Auckland your whole life, are visiting Auckland or are are new to town we are sure you have noticed that Auckland has a massive amount of traffic. Approximately 43,000 people moved to Auckland in the past 12 months which has also seen an increase in almost 800 vehicles on our roads each week meaning we also potentially have 800 new drivers on Auckland’s roads every week.

Every week there are 800 new drivers on Auckland’s roads!

So you’re not imagining things. Auckland’s roads are getting busier by the day and we need to show a little patience as a result of this.  Here are our top tips for driving on Auckland’s motorways to make your trip nicer and hopefully safer!

  1. Stay in the left lane if you’re not passing another vehicle
  2. Go with the flow of the traffic, if everyone is going 80km/ph, just breathe and go 80km/ph
  3. Don’t swerve in an out of lanes.  This isn’t Grand Theft Auto. We know you think you’re a great driver it’s but it’s the drivers around you and their ability to drive defensively or simply chance that is avoiding an accident, not you.
  4. Drive all the way around you – be aware of what is happening on your left and right and behind you as well as in front of you of course!
  5. Don’t rattle other drivers. Sitting 30cm away from their rear bumper doesn’t help things.  It just creates a more anxious driver.
  6. Try and think about things from other peoples perspectives. Perhaps they have been unable to change lanes. Not every driver is as confident as you. They may have a new car. It could be their first time driving after an accident. There could be any number of reasons that they are not driving exactly the way you want them to. Try not to get frustrated and give them space.

These are of course our top tips, you can find more information on driving safely on the New Zealand Transport’s Agency’s website.  There is also specific information for visiting drivers so if you’re new to town click here.

And if you ever see anything dangerous on the roads, you can report it before anything happens! Call *555 which connects you to the police – it could be a dangerous driver, a plank of wood causing a hazard on the motorway or breakdowns. That number is for urgent but non life threatening reasons. If there is an emergency, the number in NZ is 111.

What are your top tips for driving safely on our roads?

Drive Safe everyone!

Call *555 to report dangerous driving.

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