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Lonely in Paradise

Lonely in Paradise - Devonport, Auckland New Zealand

I was on my way to climb up the North Head in Devonport when I saw this scene. I was instantly fascinated by it and was lucky that I had my camera ready. Two lonely people in a beautiful setting, sunny day, green grass, blue sky, teal water with blooming trees above them, starring into the ocean. This photo has everything a good story needs. I did not have much time as one of the two was just about to get up and leave. This is probably one of my favourite shots of all time so far.

If you have time, I recommend taking the ferry over to Devonport and walk along the waterfront all the way up the North Head. The views of Aucklands skyline, the harbour and the city stretching out over rolling hills and vulcanos is stunning from this side of the city, particularly on sunny days.

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